About First Choice Telehealth

Unlike most telehealth companies designed and run by computer programmers, we are a grassroots company created as a cooperative of experienced providers and administrators. We know first-hand the challenges of running a successful practice.

We are excited about the opportunities telemedicine can provide for both providers and patients.

We have developed a uniquely conservative approach to telehealth designed to simplify, not complicate, your practice. Why start from scratch and spend hundreds of hours developing your own system and wading through the requirements when we have already done the work and will share our expertise with you?

We are not just a software as a service company,  we provide the guidance and support that you will need to implement telemedicine in your current brick and mortar practice. From A to Z we help you to start, build and sustain streamlined communications protocols for you and your patients.

We offer low monthly membership fees, no startup costs for most providers, no hidden fees. We offer customized services to adjust to the way you want to do business.

In short, we are dedicated to providing easy and affordable telehealth solutions to help you achieve your goals for yourself, your patients and your practice.


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