Advantages of First Choice Telehealth

Ease of Entry

Not sure where to start? We can help.

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  • Step-by-step implementation makes getting started a snap.
  • Proven protocols assure streamline adaptation.
  • Our platform vetting takes the worry out of getting the right technology.
  • Minimize training requirements with our intuitive procedures.
  • Low initial investment makes for worriless startup.
  • Find out how natural telehealth can be.


Efficiency and Effectiveness

We help you to deliver more and better care.

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  • Our focused solutions let you concentrate on what you do best.
  • Our admin coordination minimizes distractions.
  • Workload distribution solutions reduce wait times for multi-provider sites.
  • Auto-notification system for appointments keeps you on time.
  • Facilitated patient check-in keeps you on target.
  • Asynchronous messaging for ultimate efficiency.


Quality Assurance

Let us be an integral part of your PCMH / value based practice transformation.

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  • Enhance access through convenient appointment options.
  • Improve outcomes with enhanced monitoring of chronic conditions.
  • Provide efficient continuity of care.
  • Upload routine patient screenings to meet benchmarks.
  • Improve utilization through efficient use of video visits.
  • Increase patient compliance through messaging and check-ins.
  • Reduce hospitalizations through early detection.

Patient Engagement

Assistance in growing patient utilization.

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  • Patient-centered promotional materials
  • Improve your patients sense of being truly cared-for.
  • Simpler platforms assure greater access.
  • Automatic alerts remind patients of appointments and reduce no shows.
  • Virtual waiting room increases patient convenience.
  • Simple scheduling app for effortless appointment requests.

Risk Management

We offer comprehensive solutions to facilitate risk reduction.

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  • Regulatory compliance checklists help you mitigate risk.
  • Conservative approaches, work only with patients in your system.
  • Not just a HIPAA compliant platform, our procedures also meet regulatory standards.
  • Best practices advisory board and resources.
  • Reduce risk through improved patient.


Provider Promotion

Increase public and industry awareness of your services.

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  • Attract new patients by offering more comprehensive services.
  • Provider dedicated page increases your web presence.
  • Proprietary linking assures that you don’t lose patients to another provider.
  • On-line directory option gets your name out.
  • Improve status with reimbursement entities.
  • Increase value ratings by improving compliance.
  • Branding available.

Intelligent Business Models

Let our experience save you from learning the hard way.

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  • Flexible reimbursement systems accommodate capitated, fee for service, cash plans.
  • Business model matching; we accommodate the way you do business.
  • Multiple options for platforms and features
  • Affordable pricing plans to suit your budget.
  • Insurance plans / brokers: ask us about our no cost Convenience Copay System.

Return on Investment

We help you step into the future of healthcare profitably.

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  • Low startup costs.
  • Low administrative costs
  • Increase revenue stream.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Convert currently non-billable time and tasks into billable cash revenue.



We keep you informed.

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  • Evidence-based reference library.
  • Extensive resources for self-paced learning.
  • Keep up with the changing times and technological advances.
  • Access to our Advisory Board by request.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Blog addresses timely topics.

Record Sharing

We can take the hassle out of record management.

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  • Provide forms online for easy access anytime.
  • E-sign allows patients / surrogates to sign needed forms remotely.
  • Secure cloud based medical records storage / transfer.
  • Provide test results, other medical records to the patient securely.
  • Create and disseminate satisfaction / value based surveys easily.


Direct Care Providers

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