Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth seems intimidating and difficult, why bother?


While many providers are intimidated by technical solutions like telehealth we know that it is quickly becoming a growing trend in Healthcare. Recent surveys indicate that the telehealth industry will grow to include 7 million patient users by 2018, and that 64% of Americans would attend an appointment via televideo. Telehealth is the immediate future of healthcare, and we aim to make that transition simple and straightforward for you.

What is the best way to use telehealth services in my practice?


We encourage you to consider offering your patients Telehealth to AUGMENT rather than REPLACE the conventional services you already provide. We will gladly discuss your needs and goals, as well as customizable service options with you to assist you in choosing the best way to make telehealth services work for you.

Should I recruit patients specifically for telehealth services?


We recommend a conservative approach; that you use our services with your existing patients, not with strangers.

What would I use text services for?


With First Choice Telehealth you can offer priority encrypted text communications for things like prescription renewals, simple questions with existing patients or to arrange for office visits or brief televideo conferences.

What is the liability?


To date, telehealth is associated with a very low incidence of malpractice or medical board action. We at First Choice Telehealth are committed to remaining knowledgeable and educated about the ongoing changes in telehealth legislature and regulations. We are dedicated to keeping you up to date and aware of obstacles and opportunities related to telehealth, and in developing solutions to cover your specific needs and concerns.

What does it cost?


We firmly believe in transparency, and that includes our fees. Monthly provider membership fees are $199.00. We understand the importance of affordable options and strive to keep all costs low. Patients pay no monthly fees and only pay the convenience fees and the rates that you choose.

What makes us different than the other telehealth companies?


1) You don’t work for us, we work for you. You set your prices, schedule, operating parameters.

2)  We are not a technology company offering you just another program, we are a comprehensive consultation co op offering to help you every step of the way

3) Our goal is to augment your brick and mortar practice not replace it

4) We help you keep the business that you are currently losing to other telehealth companies that your patients are already using or will be using in the future

5) We deal primarily with cash only services for most patients so you won’t have hassles getting paid but we also offer superbills if patients want to get reimbursed for billable services.

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For a more detailed picture of how telehealth works please read our Provider Examples.