Health Plans

Partner with First Choice Telehealth Solutions and watch your providers quickly transform patient care to a new level of performance. We have solutions to accommodate all types of health plans providing opportunities for superior care and cost savings.

Concerned about Value Based / PCMH transformation?

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Let us be an integral part of your solution!

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Intelligent Business Models

We provide custom fit plans designed to maximize value, enhance strategic goals and improve upon your current economics.

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  • Flexible reimbursement systems accommodate capitated, fee for service, cash plans.
  • Business model matching; we accommodate the way you do business.
  • Multiple options for platforms and features
  • Affordable pricing plans designed especially for health plans distribute costs in your favor.
  • Ask us about our low cost / no cost Convenience Copay System.

Risk Management

We offer comprehensive solutions to facilitate risk reduction.

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  • Telehealth specific regulatory compliance checks to help mitigate risk.
  • Conservative approach, work within existing patient / provider relationships.
  • Not just a HIPAA compliant platform, our procedures also meet regulatory standards.
  • Best practices advisory board and resources.
  • Reduce risk through improved patient satisfaction.
  • Sophisticated documentation systems with remote E-sign.

Quality Assurance

Let us be an integral part of your patient centered transformation.

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  • Enhance access through convenient appointment options.
  • Increase monitoring of chronic conditions.
  • Implement online routine patient screenings to meet benchmarks.
  • Increase utilization of low cost alternatives with efficient use of video visits.
  • Improve patient compliance using messaging and check-ins.
  • Reduce hospitalizations through early detection.

Patient Engagement

Assistance in growing low cost patient utilization.

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  • Patient-centered promotional materials
  • Improve rapport and loyalty through increased access.
  • Simpler platforms assure greater utilization of less expensive options.
  • Automatic alerts remind patients of appointments and reduce no shows.
  • Virtual waiting room increases patient convenience.
  • Simple scheduling app for effortless appointment requests.

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