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We offer much more than a company offering a technology. We are a co op of providers and office managers offering the step by step guidance that you will need to implement telehealth easily and with quality and integrity. Everything from choosing and customizing a platform to creating your own provider page, dealing with practical issues like informed consent, privacy, practice guidelines, uploading online forms etc. You call the shots, we just make it easy for you.

We are HIPAA/HITECH compliant.

We offer a low monthly subscription fee.

We pay you weekly via direct deposit for all services rendered in the previous week.

You can easily bill patients immediately for services from your First Choice Telehealth profile screen.

We provide in-platform up to date detailed information on all of your patient telemedicine charges.

We provide security, maintenance, and back up for your customized platform and clinical data for the length of your contract.

With First Choice you don’t work for telehealth, telehealth works for you.

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For a more detailed picture of how telemedicine works please read our Provider Examples.

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